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Thank you to Aine Phillips, Fergus Byrne and Ann Maria Healy for taking part in the final day of performance as part of Subject to Ongoing Change at the Galway Arts Centre. More images will be posted on the website in coming weeks. For a recap of some of the work check out our facebook page.


Thanks also again to our fundit supports. Your fundit awards will be winging their way to you in the coming week.



Galway Arts Centre & Galway Arts Festival present

The Performance Collective


Subject to Ongoing Change


14 days of live performance art

16-29th July 2012

Galway Arts Centre

Part of Galway Arts Festival 2012






Image 1 by John Twomey

Image 2 by Joseph Carr

Image 3 by Victoria McCormack




Galway Arts Centre & Galway Arts Festival present

The Performance Collective


Subject to Ongoing Change


14 days of live performance art

16-29th July 2012

Galway Arts Centre

Part of Galway Arts Festival 2012





Opening Reception 18th of July 6pm.

18th of July performance 10-11.30pm and 3 – 7pm

22 July dusk to dawn performance 10pm – 4am


As part of the Galway Arts Festival The Performance Collective will present 14 days of live improvised performance art. The Performance Collective is a group of five leading performance artists from the visual arts in Ireland. They have worked together since 2007. Michelle Browne, Alex Conway, Pauline Cummins, Frances Mezzetti and Dominic Thorpe will present work that explores live improvisation and collaboration over time and in the presence of audience. Each day the group will perform for 4 hours with additional works dotted throughout the week. The work will be created and received in the same moment, as the artists perform together to explore action and interaction in a non-linear non-narrative form. The audience can experience the work at their own pace, and can come and go throughout the duration. This challenging new body of work that will be collaborative, improvised, durational and live, critically engages with how performance is presented in a gallery context and time structure.


The performance collective will also perform from Dawn to Dusk on Sunday 22nd of July from 10pm – 4am following the Macnas parade. Working with ideas of transformation and metamorphosis the artists will exploit the unique atmosphere of this time of the day.


The group is driven by the live experience and is dedicated to meaningful experience for artists and audience. Key to their work is authentic presence through performance, and how the relationships, energy and commitment of performers can generate real and intimate experiences between artists and audience. The Performance Collective creates vibrant collaborative work that challenges each member’s position as an individual artist while exploring the dynamics of working within a group. The Performance Collective has carved out a unique voice in contemporary visual art, presenting thought provoking, challenging work.


For more information and an up to date timetable of performances go to or follow us on facebook



This exhibition was made possible through the support of Galway Arts Festival, Galway Arts Centre, Temple Bar Gallery and Studio, and the generosity of the public through Fundit.



Dominic Thorpe at live action sweden may 24 - 27 2012



Dominic Thorpe will perform as part of the 7th Annual Live Action Festival in Gothenburg sweden. Image by Henning Koestler. For more information click here




Michelle Browne at Livestock market studios dublin

May 27 2012




Michelle Browne will performance as part of Livestock a bi-monthly performance platform at the Market Studios in Dublin 7. This month's event is part of Link Culturefest, a weekend festival in Dublin that aims to showcase and celebrate the culture, art and people that make up the diverse community that exists in Smithfield and its surrounding areas. for more information click here



Pauline Cummins and Sandra Vida Between one and another


Centre Culturel irlandais Paris may 11 - 22 june 2012



A two-person exhibition of performative video installations by Irish artist Pauline Cummins and her Canadian collaborator, Sandra Vida, Between One and Another gathers key works selected from over thirty years of art production including significant statements on feminist issues evolving through that time period. Between One and Another illustrates international connections and intends to facilitate dialogue around the individual’s role within society and within the cycles of life. Performance:


Sweeping Change A performance by the artists, Sweeping Change, will take place in the courtyard of the CCI during the opening of the exhibition. This exhibition has received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Calgary 2012 and the Cultural Capital of Canada program, and the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.



The Performance collective reach fundit target


We have successfully raised our fundit target and wish to thank all of our supports in realising this exciting 14 day exhibition of performance. The Galway Arts Festival programme has been launched this week and we are counting down the weeks to July 16th. We look forward to presenting at Galway Arts Centre. To see the Galway Arts Festival visual art programme

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55% Funded - 8 Days to GO - THe Performance Collective Fundit Campaign Update


We have reached 55% of our fundit target for The Performance Collective 14 day exhibition of live performance. Thanks to all who have funded so far. Please spread the word to help us reach our goal and to realise this exciting and ambitious exhibition.


For more information about the campaign, and to check out the great unique rewards you get for your support click here or find us on Facebook



FRances Mezzetti and Pauline Cummins Present Walking in The Way NCAD Dublin



FACULTY OF FINE ART NCAD Faculty Lecture Series

Francis Mezzetti & Pauline Cummins

Harry Clarke Lecture Room

Thursday 19th April at 2.00pm


Gendered behaviour is produced as a consequence of socially determined norms rather than as an outworking of any internal “essence' of gender. Judith Butler


Walking in the Way is a series of performances where the two female artists take on the persona, mannerisms, gestures and physicality of male presence in the public arena. The focus of each piece develops from the general to the particular. The development of the work is informed by key figures from the community, as an important part of the research process is making a connection with local individuals in each of the selected cities. The performances have taken place in Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Derry and Instanbul.




53% Funded - THe Performance Collective Fundit Campaign Update



We are delighted and grateful for the continued support for the Performance Collective and the exhibition in Galway through Fundit. We have already reached 53% of our target amount. We need your help to make sure people support us and get to see the work we are developing. We have only 2 weeks left to reach the target. Support us financially or help us by sharing on Facebook, tweeting or spreading the word to friends. Every little helps, €10 can make a big difference!


The Performance Collective have just moved into our new studio in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios and continue to develop performance work for our 14 day exhibition of live performance in Galway in July.


Individually we are busy presenting work in Ireland and around the world. Frances Mezzetti, Pauline Cummins and Michelle Browne recently took part in Labour, an exhibition of performance by female artists in London, Derry and Dublin/Istanbul in February/March and Dominic Thorpe will soon perform at the Bergen International Performance Festival Norway and Live Action Sweden. Pauline Cummins will soon present work at the Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris.


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The Performance Collective launch fundit campaigN




The Performance Collective will present 14 days of live performances at the Galway Arts Centre in July 2012. This work will be seen by many who have not yet experienced this dynamic art form. We are asking for support for the development and presentation of this challenging new body of work that will be collaborative, improvised, durational and live. This exhibition critically engages with how live art is presented in a gallery context and time structure!


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THe Performance Collective at Galway Arts Centre July 2012.


The Performance Collective will present 14 days of live performance work at the Galway Arts Centre in July during the Galway Arts Festival 2012. Please check back to the website and on our facebook page for more information in June. If you would like to support The Performance Collective at the Galway Arts Centre please go to our fundit page or contact us on facebook.










Sculpture Studio The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig
5:30 PM, Satruday 20th August 2011


For more than three decades, Sandra Vida has maintained a prolific visual art practice, as well as playing an active role in the development of the vibrant Canadian artist-run network. She will screen recent works and present an overview of her practice.


With thanks to The Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.









The Performance Collecitve presents
Grace Space on Super 8
An evening of performance documentation form Grace Exhibition Space, New York.
Documentation by Moira Tierney

Thursday 28th , 6 – 8 pm
Studio 3, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

The Performance Collecitve are delighted to host a screening of documentation on Super-8 film of live performances at Grace Exhibition Space in New York. Grace Exhibition Space, opened in 2006, is the only gallery in New York City devoted to Performance-Art. Over the course of four years (2008-2011) the film-maker Moira Tierney docmented a variety of performances by international artists at the space. Limited to 3-5 cartridges of film, Tierney captures the essence of these ephemeral events. The editing is primariy in-camera; the raw footage gives us a fleeting sense of the experience of these action-based events.


Moira Tierney graduated with an honours BA from University College Dublin and went on to study fine art at l’Ecole Nationale d’Arts de Cergy-Paris. She was granted an Arts Council film award and a Fulbright Scholarship (to Anthology Film Archives in New York) in 1998 as well as a grant from the Taoiseach’s Department for her film project Matilda Tone. Moira's films have screened internationally at venues such as the Fondation Cartier in Paris, the SENAF Festival in Nouakchott Mauritania, the Rotterdam Film Festival and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and have featured in numerous touring programmes and gallery shows, including the Reel Ireland series. She has carried out artist residencies at the Yaddo Colony and the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. Her films are distributed by Third World Newsreel and the Film-Makers Co-Operative in New York and by the Collectif Jeune Cinema in Paris. She is also co-founder of the Irish film collective SOLUS.

For further information see and


Grace Exhibition Space is directed by Jill McDermid and Erik Hokanson, who participate in international performance art festivals as artists and curators in Europe, Asia and Central and South America. Grace Space is committed to exhibiting the world's leading performance artists, whether emerging, mid-career or established. Events are presented in a Brooklyn loft, with performances taking place on the same level as the viewers; the boundary between artist and audience is dissolved. Grace Space believes that this is how performance art should be viewed, presented and experienced. Its mission is the glorification of performance art.

Grace, n. - simple elegance or refinement of movement, courteous goodwill
Grace Period - an extended period granted as a special favor
The Three Graces (Greek Mythology) - charm, grace, and beauty


Grace Exhibition Space is the sole gallery in this city that shows specifically, in its most intentionally narrow definition, Performance Art ... A writer friend I respect likened one evening at Grace Space to being in Andy Warhol’s Factory - Patricia Milder, The Brooklyn Rail