At the top of the chain is my brain. I do what little I can do maintain this, keep it fresh and pumping blood. So far, the best tool to make the brain really work that I have come across is the Alexander Technique...

Then the instrument. I have been mainly playing buffet clarinets for the last while. When seduced back to the saxophone I have recently switched to a 1968 Martin Magna alto. I spent a few years practising these a lot. These days I just do what I can.

Since 2010 I have been performing with software based live electronics (before this I had used banks and banks of guitar pedals). All the software is built in Max/MSP and designed to work with the way I think about music.


This Max patch is operated live by two MIDI controllers - Livid Code & KMI Softstep.

Livid Code Bass Clarinet

The patch is run by a headless mac mini and I use an edirol audio interface which converts the analogue signal of a DPA 4099 microphone into the digital domain. All this comes out as 'music' and gets piped through a very special hemispherical speaker system.


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